Welding Process of Flat-plate Collector

Time: : 2020-12--25
At present, the heat absorbing film used in the heat absorption film institute in China is aluminum and copper. The selective absorption and recovery film layer processes mainly include: blue titanium film and black chromium plating anodizing. The thickness of the sheet is 0.12mm~0.5mm. For ultrasonic welding, materials of different thickness and hardness require different amplitudes, pressures and lines. This is related to the principle of ultrasonic welding. At the same time, the ultrasonic amplitude must be considered. Transmission attenuation perpendicular to the direction of the welding head. In practical applications, there are several basic directions: 1) the energy per unit area required for welding copper materials is higher than that of aluminum; 2) the depth of the weld pattern and the thickness of the sheet; the thickness of the overall weld pattern width; the thickness of the amplitude pressure material; 3 ) Amplitude pressure material hardness. According to its principle, laser welding generally chooses a thicker sheet, while for ultrasonic welding, there is no need to choose a thick material, just consider the heat transfer efficiency. For example: 0.12mm thick blue titanium diaphragm, usually 0.3mm depth welding head can be selected, and the weld width is 2~2.6mm; when the wear life of the welding head is considered, 0.4mm deep welding head can also be selected , The weld width is 2.8mm. Here is a problem to be noted: the anodized sheet should not have an oxide layer in the part that is in contact with the copper pipe.
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